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Letting bud tenders around the world know that we appreciate their knowledge and expertise in the ever-expanding cannabis industry!

Giving Back

When it comes to the best cannabis, your bud tender is the direct source for finding what is right for you. We’re starting the movement to recognize these individuals for their hard work and dedication in the cannabis industry!


Budtender of the Month



Samantha loves working for her collective because of her passion for all the different cannabis products, growth, and opportunities in the industry.

She loves her customers and enjoys recommending new products to them. She takes pride and extra care in dealing with patients that have chronic issues and feels that cannabis is a blessing for those with these types of aliments.

She has an outgoing personality, loves old School 80’s rock like the Scorpions, Mexican food, and is all about her family first. Her hidden talent is being an FX makeup artist.

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